Chats Palace Virtual Stage
Live Stream Sat 19 June 2021
Encore Screening: Mon 21 June – Mon 19 July 2021 incl.



Multi-faceted indie-punk collective, itoldyouiwouldeatyou write about everything from relations with wider Europe, to working-class aspirations, to the complexities of young love and life. This passion for unraveling both their own art and the socio-political state of the world is what makes the London-Leeds-Birmingham band stand out.

As their reputation grows their emergence is firmly embedded in a DIY ethos which is threaded throughout UK’s independent music sector: their view on the struggles of the ‘millennial’ generation in post-Covid-19 social upheaval is a defining moment in the exploration of contemporary artistic response to England now.

Chats Palace Virtual Stage Live Stream: Sat 19 June 2021

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Live-stream commissioned by Chats Palace with support from Arts Council England

19 June 2021

with Joey Ashworth, Ollie Greville, Josh See and hosted by Alison Rumfitt.

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