Chats Palace is an arts centre with a civic role, empowering local people. The Palace Club is one element of a programme that reaches out and enable processes for Hackney residents to play an active part in their community.

According to Age UK, more than 2 million people in England aged 75+ live alone, and more than a million older people say they go for over a month without speaking to friends, neighbours or family. From short term benefits around enjoyment of a shared social event, we have structured this project to assist participants to become more active and involved in their community. As the project progresses, they will feel more visible and cared for, lessening feelings of isolation and abandonment. By supporting these elders to gain back their voices we will hold them close in the heart of the community and encourage them to keep their independence and positivity for longer.

We launched The Palace Club in October 2018 and have been amazed by the impact it has already had and the numbers of local people who have already joined. Your donation on Giving Tuesday will help us to continue The Palace Club sessions into Spring 2019.



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